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My mother's story and how nutrition played a role

My mother has a long family history of cancer, as a matter of fact, I am the fifth generation to participate in the Huntsman Cancer Insitute gene testing. Her mother and all her mother's sisters passed from a form of cancer and even her father died from cancer. You will see this is an amazing story as she is still alive 3 years plus and thriving when doctors had given her a year to live. According to her doctors, no one has lived this long, not to mention alive and living a full life.

About the second year into her cancer/surgeries, the doctors said she needed to go back into surgery to have tumors removed. I wanted to the first go-round get her to change diet. This proved to be too much work for her. This time, I was determined to help somehow, I was going to do something and simplify it to supplementing her. I used all I knew and had learned in my studying of cancer and our family history.

I choose 3 supplements to start her on Enzymes, Cal-amo, and Cruciferous complete. I bought them for her so there could be no excuses and gave her instructions. Enzymes I told her to just take one a day, Enzymes can play a key role and can also overwhelm the liver, if your curious about them go to youTube and research Dr. Gonzales- cancer and enzymes. The pancreatic enzymes can play a large role in clearing the body and the blood, specific to trypsin and chymotrypsin. Cal-amo was helping to acidify the body as another indicator that she had cancer growing again as she was too alkaline, yep you heard that right to alkaline. The body should be alkaline to slightly acidic. Cruciferous complete was to help nutritionally support detoxification of the liver, as the chemo and anything else was helping to detach and kill cancer the flushing was key to get out of the body. You have to be able to remove toxins. After all of this, they removed her gallbladder so we added Bile salts to help her digest fat. Plus an immune-supporting supplement called Congaplex as she is immune-compromised.

She doesn't remember but after her surgery, she came to me and told me the doctors had said they thought it was a different type of cancer this time cause the tumors just sluffed off, research the role of what trypsin and chymotrypsin do in the blood. This was what helped her understand that the supplements were supporting her. This was just one capsule for almost 30 days at this point, the recommended dose is usually 3-4.

Since then my mother has asked me to go and talk to her doctor cause he continues to ask her how she is alive cause no one lives this long, in her condition. She explains she has a daughter who is a nutritionist and has her taking supplements. Modern medicine is great to keep us alive when we combined nutritionally supporting the body we can, even when diagnosed with a horrible disease, live and thrive when we combine all aspects.

We are sharing this as a sign of hope! Never lose your hope!


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