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Mindful Living

My name is Carie Cox, I have worked in the nutrition field for almost 7 years. I began my journey with fitness, I was trying to create something I could be proud of. Up to that point in life I feel I had wandered lost, just hoping to mean something to someone. Along this journey I have found myself and realized the first step in meaning something to someone is meaning something to yourself.

Health and wellness all begins and ends with you. The Mental, Physical and spiritual all need to be nourished. We have to quit looking outwards for acceptance and inward at the raw creature we are. What has defined us to this point? Have we had trauma? Are we allowing it to control how we live and express ourselves? If so this is your first step towards a healthier you. As things arise it is time to sit back and assess what you have been feeding your mental and spiritual being. I will tell you most of us, especially women, start by trying to be prettier or more fit. Then realize we have to back up and look at the injured us, give ourselves a hug,

Recommended Podcast and Reading

BulletProof Radio - Inner programming Hacks from the Queen Poo- Suzy Batiz with Dave #711

BulletProof Radio- Healing Trauma with Touch, Breath work and Psychedelic Medicine- Dr David Rabin with Dave #730

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