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Kidney stones

Get kidney stones often? Don't know what causes them? As with all health issues, there can be a few different reasons it is happening. So let us discuss the different areas that impact where it can start.

Kidney stones can be created from oxalates, uric acid, or calcium. Each can happen for different reasons. Calcium can be from excess calcium in the bloodstream. Calcium and phosphorus need to be balanced in the blood. When the balance is off we can have calcium going out of the blood and into areas like the kidneys, creating stones. Some indications that you're not balancing the calcium properly are cataracts, tartar on your teeth, or even arthritis.

This is an indicator we need more phosphorus in the body to help keep calcium where it needs to be. Calcium once in the body needs to be in balance with phosphorous or needs to be driven properly with fat into the tissue. If excess calcium is the issue adding in phosphorous is key.

Food such as sugar and high proteins can impact uric acids. The body produces uric acid when it breaks down purines. Excess uric acid can get into your joints and cause pain causing gout. When they form in the kidneys, they can create stones.

Greens or foods with high oxalates put oxalate crystals into the bloodstream. When we have high amounts of Oxalates and calcium they can bind when exiting the kidneys and creating a stone.

Kidneys filter out the sugars which can impact balance fluids that impact stones. Oxalates and minerals being digested properly and driven properly are part of how we drive them to the right locations. Proper digestion and filtering are important in managing stones. Diaplex and Zypan are good supports for the digestion. Helping the body push calcium is Cataplex F or Phosfood, Cataplex F helps to drive it into tissue (if you find you have muscle cramping often this can be a sign also that you want Cataplex F). Where phosfood pushes the calcium into bones, taking it with your calcium helps drive that calcium into the bones.

The organ that impacts the balance of calcium and phosphorous is the parathyroid which is attached to your thyroid. If this gland is malnourished or struggling (a good indicator is thyroid issues) then it could be part of the problem. This is one gland that is impacted when the thyroid is impacted feeding the parathyroid is important. Cal ma plus nutritionally supports parathyroid.

If you need help sorting out what it is that is impacting your kidneys and the abundance of stones, you can set up and appointment or do a survey.

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