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Immune support

Here we are about ready to embark on another fall season also known as flu season. So what can we do? What can we do that is helping us to grow a stronger immune?

When we talk about Immune systems there are many organs that make up the Immune system. We have the Thymus which is what tells the white blood cells what to attack. We have the lymphatic that removes break down out of the bloodstream. We have the spleen that manages what is in the bloodstream. We have bone marrow and so much more. Our body essentially works as an alliance system to filter things out and manage what is going on inside.

Our immune starts in the gut by regulating what gets into the body and how to keep things out of the body. This takes a healthy gut wall to manage this, so you can remove sugars, white flours, and any non-organic foods this will help limit damage to the gut wall. You can also add things like fermented foods, glutamine, and enzymes to support the gut wall.

The next step is to support lymphatic, calcium in the body, and filtration. The movement supports the lymphatic, each step you take the muscle contracts and pushes things through the lymphatic. You can also do dry brushing to help move the blood. Food-wise doing flaxseed oil is supportive of the lymphatic.

To get calcium in we need to eat organic foods with calcium in them so meats, organic greens, and well you can supplement it. There are other places but the quality is very key, you need raw foods with calcium in them and it to be bioavailable.

Filtration would be kidneys, spleen, liver, skin, and Lungs. Drinking mineral water at least half your body weight in it. The spleen is really the best to eat spleen and also to support lymphatic. The liver you can eat bitters, and reduce simple carbohydrates. Skin use non-toxic soaps and lotions allow it to breathe, wash it in apple cider vinegar, eat your fats and drink your water. Lungs eat whole food vitamin C, not ascorbic acid. Do breathing exercises to fully access all your lung capacity, Wim Hoff has a free app and the book Breath has examples of good breathing exercises.

Getting sunlight in the morning 10-30 mins to keep your sleeping on a schedule. Keeping foods in your diet that support a good mood which would be protein, fats, and minerals. Take care of your mental health from talking to someone to doing meditation. Movement, go for a 10 min walk outside or at the gym every day.

Supplements I recommend you have and use, I have these in my medicine cabinet.

Immunplex- nutritionally support all your immune alliance organs.

Congaplex/ Congaplex chewables for Kids- Cataplex® A-C, Thymex®, Calcium Lactate®, and Ribonucleic Acid (RNA)

Cod Liver- has vitamin A and D with healthy fat.

Zinc Chelate- sourced from liver Calcium Lactate- an excellent source of calcium helping the body to fight off infection.

Cataplex F - a good predigested fat to drive the calcium appropriately.

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