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Foods that can Impact arthritis.

Foods impact how the organs and body function. The main issues with arthritis are toxicity, pH balance, the liver, kidneys, bowels, and digestion/driving of calcium. It is not a situation that has to be because you are old. Our eating habits can greatly impact it and it is usually after a lifetime of bad habits that the organs are not functioning correctly or we have created a toxic environment.

Foods we can add need to be organic to limit toxicity, whole foods (as least processed as possible) can support reducing toxins due to not having an abundance of preservatives. For people with liver issues, it is helpful to have fermented greens to help trigger a flush. Foods like eggs have choline in it that helps scrub the liver, helping to remove build-up on the liver. When supporting the liver you usually are helping to support the colon.

Eating healthy fats and proteins helps keep the liver from having excess sugar/ fat build on it. Keeping it able to function and fats being broken down supporting anti-inflammatory and lubrication of the colon.

Fermented greens are a great way to get calcium and breaking down healthy fats helps to drive the calcium to where it is needed. Greens/ bitters will help trigger NRF2 (which is an activity that forces the body to clean up the bloodstream). Greens will also have minerals in them, fermented would help to access the minerals and goodness in the greens.

Kidneys that contribute to arthritis are usually it is due to the oxalates. These are

common in many "healthy" foods. If you are having issues with kidneys you will not want to eat greens higher in oxalates. It is best if you have a lot of these foods in your diet and the kidneys are an issue that you should lessen the amount. These foods put out crystals into the joints and it can be very painful. Gout can be another factor that impacts kidneys and calcium. This would also apply to the oxalate foods to eat low oxalate foods.

If toxins impact the body supporting all detoxifying organs is beneficial. These would be foods like bitters, beets, milk thistle, dandelion, bone broth, or meat stock. We also have foods that are anti-inflammatories such as pineapple, and turmeric, Omega 3's are also an anti-inflammatory. Ginger, Tart cherries, and Apple Cider vinegar are beneficial in their own ways.

If calcium is building on the joints, getting in and digesting fats is important as fat is a driver of calcium. If you struggle with liver however or have your gallbladder removed this can cause an issue. You would want to have a bile salt (cholacol) if you have no gallbladder. Having foods with phosphorus foods can help clear excess calcium from the bloodstream, but it is important for many reasons to make sure you are digesting fat.

Overall it is about feeding the body into a balance. We have to look at where the issues are coming from and what nutritional support we need for those organs or systems that are lacking balance. Many tend to struggle to balance their foods this is why I work a lot with supplements. it is allowing you to start to make changes in the diet while also tackling the issue at hand. Many need to start the food when they first notice the pains, waiting can create a larger issue and make it harder to treat with just eating food due to needing a large dose of the food, again this is why the Standard Process is beneficial as it is the foods and a high dose but still whole food.

If you would like help assessing where your issues are please set up a scan or do a symptoms survey.

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