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Emotions impact organs, which impacts physical health

When patients come to see me one aspect we have to look at is emotion. Emotions are tied to our organs, I know this does not sound very scientific but this is a fact. When you feel certain emotions hormones and chemicals are released out into the body impacting certain organs.

The fact that our emotions can impact organs, means we need to deal with an abundance of trapped emotion. We can help these organs nourishing them, but sometimes even with the nourishment, the emotion can be so overwhelming that it negatively impacts our body. We need to deal with that emotion. This is a real factor! If you do not have a balanced nervous system, due to stress or emotions, you can stop your digestion creating indigestion or have digesting going nonstop, which is food moving too quickly through the stomach all the way out to the bowels. We need to help the organ to get the rest and ability to rebuilding that it needs.

We have to support the body as a whole and sometimes that is about the imbalance of emotion. Fats, Minerals, and proteins all help the brain and body to calm and have the ability to process emotions. If we are in a sympathetic stage we may need to find ways to get it easily into the body without good digestion, as sympathetic dominance keeps digestion from flowing. This may mean you need to get food in a predigested form (liquid). You can do bone broth, Protein shakes, or even ways to absorb under the tongue. Parasympathetic you need to slow digestion so doing meats and fats help to slow it down.

While nourishing I recommend you support yourself with the emotional support you can pursue meditation, find self-help online, or go to therapy. For those who don't want to talk about things, there are other options. Hypnotherapy, Riki, and Energy work. Each person can find success in these different ways of dealing with emotion. I have listened to motivational speakers helping to learn how my posture and thought patterns work. I have also done Hypnoheart therapy which has helped me to dive in to find what traumas have caused me to react with emotions. I have also done energy work which has helped me to continue to process emotions and get rid of what I have hidden deep down. I have also worked on my gut, minerals, and diet that supports good mental health.

The main organs that impact emotions are the Liver/ Gallbladder, gut bacteria, Large intestines and small intestines, all Endocrine glands, and brain. Fat is one thing you can eat that will nourish and support all these organs. Proteins help give amino acids for the body to rebuild organs and glands. Minerals are essential for metabolic activities. plus calming the body.

If you are needing more guidance with emotional work whether it is an imbalance of nutrition or emotional trauma do a survey or schedule a scan and I am happy to guide you.

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