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Digestion is life!

Your gut (small intestines) is where the majority of your digestion takes place. It is also your protection from the outside pathogen and toxins in the environment that may be entering in via your food. In the small intestines, you have ripples of skin covered with a mucosa lining. This mucosa lining is your first line of defense from foreign invaders getting into the blood. Once they get into the blood it is harder to remove, this is one of the reasons it is important to take care of your gut health. It also is the good soil for your probiotics to live in, it is your source of life, and health.

Things like antibiotics, depression medication, pain medication, birth control, and glyphosate can destroy this lining. Leaving us open to "Leaky gut" breaking down the lining. This now impacts the good probiotic and the lining from blocking pathogens and toxins from getting into our bloodstream. We need to work constantly on our gut health-supporting it due to how toxic our environment is. Things like bone broth, B vitamins, and zinc help support the lining. We also need good enzymes and stomach acidity, our enzymes after the age of 25 starts to lessen and our acidity can be greatly reduced with the modern diet we have.

I have always believed gut health/enzymes are a part of the fountain of youth Good digestion is the way to keep organs and the body overall in good shape. Weight is also impacted by digestion, if the body is starving due to not digesting, and it is just passing through you, your body it is wanting to hold on to the food in storage and slow the metabolism. Side note just because you chew it up does not mean it is digested.

People tend to believe if they eat less this will help you lose weight and it can for a time, however, the metabolism will slow, and you will have to just keep eating less and less. The best method is to feed the body food it can use and work up slowly in calories revving up the metabolism. Yes, you can indulge from time to time just not all the time. If you are overindulging in certain foods, it can negatively impact hormones or stop digestion. Sugar and harsh chemicals in foods can negatively impact stomach acidity. Deep-fried foods in vegetable oils, especially ones that have been used over and over in restaurants. These oils turn into trans fats and clog the liver, which has a huge impact on our hormones and how we absorbed fat. Fat, I believe, is the most valuable Macronutrient there is. Yet we have been taught incorrectly about what fats do what and to fear lard/tallow and animal fat and believe it is making us fat. Read Big Fat Surprise it is very eye-opening.

Signs you are not digesting well are bloating, gas, and indigestion, and pain. This all happens due to food putrefying in the intestines/stomach. Just as if you were to set meat in a garbage can or any food, cover it and come back hours or days later and open that can. Fumes would come out and it would stink pretty badly. The food is just decomposing, we need the support of acidity, enzymes, water, B vitamins, and bile to digest the foods and get them delivered to our organs to rebuild.

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