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Detoxing is good for the body to release the toxic load that we face daily. However what kind of detox is right for you can depend on what current state your body is in.

There are protein detoxes such as bone broth and carnivore. There are fasting detoxes, fasting times can vary on what it is your trying to accomplish, then there are herbal detoxes. If your organs are supported and you are not having a breakdown or autoimmune issues doing herbal flushing is a great way to stimulate the detoxifying organs to flush. If you are having autoimmune issues or organs breaking down, herbal can be a negative and I would recommend doing a carnivore or keto cleanse. Bone broth or Carnivore is good if you are having organ breakdown or gut issues. Fasting is great for people with an overabundance of glucose or needing better blood sugar balancing, or even forcing the body to look for mutations.

For someone who has been exposed to a lot of toxicity, the herbs will stimulate organs causing a flush, but if you have an overactive immune system this could stimulate overactive white blood cells. When doing carnivore or bone broth your starving "bad" bacteria of glucose and helping to balance bacteria in the gut while giving the body proteins and fats to feed the organs that may be weak. This is reducing the load of toxins and an abundance of glucose. Supporting acidity in the stomach such as Zypan or Apple Cider Vinegar is helpful for digestion and stimulates the liver to push out bile and toxins. If inflammation and glucose are the problems doing bone broth or fasting is a great way to help the body to clean up and use the extra glucose, taking away sugars that may be causing inflammation. when fasting be cautious of how long you go with out any nutrients as to not break the body's organs down, doing bone broth is good to make sure we don't weaken organs yet still stay in a fasted state. Fasting is a great way to force a clean-up. Doing intermittent fasting is a good way to allow the cleanup and making sure not to break down the body if you are fasting for too long.

You need to assess the issues you are having, if you are having major health issues look at which detox program supports those specific needs and ask your doctor which detox would work best for you. I do not believe it is a good idea to binge and then detox and get into that habit. Cleansing the body to help alleviate the toxic load is beneficial, maybe once a year. The goal is to always strive to nourish the body to function optimally and not burden it with toxicity. Cleansing once a year is a boost to support the detoxifying organs is my preference.

The problem we all face is we are eating a lot of sterile, processed, toxic foods that are lacking nutrients and beneficial bacteria. This makes us vulnerable to sickness. Decreasing your toxic load and getting good nutrient-dense foods and supporting good gut digestion is key to helping your immune system thrive. We are meant to come upon toxins and be able to filter them and thrive. We just have to educate ourselves on, what are the toxins impacting us and how to support the body in the environment we are in.

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