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Consistency is key

When it comes to health it is about a life journey. No one who is healthy just did a couple of months of work and boom they were healthy. I find with anyone I have worked with, that as we add new habits slowly is the best way to make and keep the change. We need to look at it as a way of adding to our life one thing at a time. Creating the consistency of good habits and reconnecting with our body. Adding quality, one thing at a time, and before you know it life is morphing into something great.

When I start working with someone we first analyze what is happening foundationally by the symptoms the body is showing. Then we add whole food supplements to help balance. As the body becomes more balanced it is easier to start shifting diet and exercise. As we consistently look for the positive things to add balance, we find ourselves in a positive habit of looking for the good in life.

You should plan to keep working on this through life. Consistency is applying something and creating a pattern, this makes it easy to fall back into and build upon. There is always a time you will be tested and give into temptation. This is apart of growing, but the more consistency you apply the easier it is to get back into a thriving place.

Ready to start the change for good? Take one healthy habit you would like to add and apply it. Positive thoughts, being kind to yourself, quality foods, movement pick any positive habit and add upon it.

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