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Bone Broth? Why would I need to do that?

Bone broth is a highly nutrient-dense soup.  It has all the nutrients you need to help support the body with amino acids, healthy fats, and minerals.  Unlike other foods, it does not overload and burdens the body with toxins, excess sugars, and carbs.  It has great detoxification factors.  Taking 3-7 days of pure bone broth with meat (as needed for energy), allows the body to detoxify, rebuild, and strengthen your immune system.

The idea that “juice cleanses” help detox the body is a myth!  Fruit and vegetable juices contain A LOT of sugar, which overwhelms the liver at a time when we need it to be helping us flush toxins.  Even when greens are added to the mix, the natural plant toxins can overwork and under-nourish certain organs.  I have also had patients ask about the benefits of water fasting as a cleanse.  Water fasting can be good, but it does not provide the body with the basic needs – proteins and fats.  The lack of these can cause a breakdown in the body.  We do not want to be weak and breaking down during this time, we want to be cleansing and nourishing our detoxifying organs.

During the flu season, the body will seek all available calcium.  If detoxifying organs are overwhelmed, they are not able to drive the calcium to where the body needs it.  This is usually when you become sick.  Calcium is KEY for helping our bodies fight bacteria and boost our immune systems.  And what drives calcium to where it needs to be in the body?  That’s right, healthy fats!  The same healthy fats you get from drinking bone broth!

It should be no surprise that the flu season is rampant during a time when our sugar intake goes up – Halloween candy, Thanksgiving pies, Christmas goodies, New Year’s treats, and Valentine’s chocolates.  When our body is overburdened with excess sugar or toxins, it sets us up to get sick!  The body needs to have flushing ability and not be overwhelmed with a diet full of toxic fats (plant oils at high heats), sugars, and processed foods. NOW IS THE TIME TO SET YOURSELF UP TO BE HEALTHY DURING THE FLU SEASON.  Bone broth can help you do that!  I will be doing an in-store video on my YouTube channel showing which broths you can buy, and other things you need to consider.  I will also be showing how to make it at home.

If you would like more specific guidance on how to make your own bone broth, or how to do a “GAPS” diet to help clean up the body, visit my website, fill out the health survey, and set up a consultation!  I also offer plans that allow you to have continued guidance through your wellness process from text messages to personal phone calls.  Choose the plan that suits you best.  You can sign up under “plans and pricing” and don’t forget to subscribe to the blogs for more great tips!

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