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All about me!!

Wow, I typed this up a few times. I now realize with all I have been through I should write a book. If i go into details with all the health issues I have had as major obstacles I could write pages and pages worth more then I think most want to read in a blog. As a young child having an eating disorder which took me till my 30's to really feel I defeated it. Many encounters with cancer both skin and breast cancer. I carry the mutated gene, a huge reason I have researched so much about nutrition. I have had a major face infection that took me 8 months to rid myself of, which came to me finally getting how much the gut impacts everything. To going through major emotional trauma with a nasty divorce, while rasing kids and competeling my Bachelors degree in Nutrition Science. Graduating with honors and finding the love of my life in that process. Working in a whole foods store and then going to a clinic, where i worked with my own patients to guide them through whatever process was needed for them.

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