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Toxins, how can I reduce them.

Reducing your everyday toxins is a great way to support your health. Many of us do not even realize how toxic our everyday habits are.

Some of us have no choice and have an abundant amount we are exposed to at our jobs.

We eat out of packaging daily that is coated in forever chemicals.

We eat foods dipped in toxins that take months for our bodies to process and flush.

We apply them and inject them into our bodies.

Then we are shocked with disease and wonder why are we so inflamed and how this health issue has happened to us. We at this point want an easy fix and when we do anti-inflammatories the body just doesn't immediately fix it. Educating you can help you take back control and not need to be a victim of bad health that destroys our time enjoying life and our families.

Just your everyday routine, the things you intentionally subject yourself to. You wake up and bathe yourself in fragrances, and clean your dishes with chemicals that damage your gut wall, clean the house with harsh chemicals that cause rashes or sinus issues. Wash your clothes in the yummy fragrance so that everyone can smell you coming from a distance. The lotion you slather on to have moisturized beautiful skin and leaves you smelling beautiful. Not realizing this will have an impact on the foods you choose, hormones, and even coming down to mate selection.

Your overall health is impacted by the foods that restore and nourish you to keep you functioning well. Yet your environment however can either poison you or nurture you as well. The less toxic your environment the less work for your body and it can have more energy to support your health.

Sadly most of us and our daily habits are building your toxic load in your body and again most of it takes weeks/months/years for the body to get rid of. Then take into consideration you have done most of it since birth it is no wonder most of us are so sick.

Now that being said it is impossible to remove all toxins from your environment. Plus, we are meant to come up against toxins and be able to remove them (well most healthy people), however, it would benefit everyone to reduce it where we can make the choice. Everyone wants to remove certain things, which will vary from person to person based on your understanding of what it is doing to you and what you enjoy or don't.

The first part is understanding what issues it is causing, Second is to know healthy ways to change what you're using without needing to live in a bubble.

Perfumes, overwhelm our pituitary which impacts digestion and hormones. They also have toxins you're putting on the skin that can damage the health of your skin and get into the blood impacting other organs. Based on how they are made and what they are stored in.

I choose to use essential oils, you really can do all sorts of blends put them into a glass roller, and apply them as needed. Some essential oils can even help support sinuses, headaches, and mood. You can even take real vanilla and use that as perfume. We use our sense of smell to help support our health this is part of our senses that helps us stay away from harmful foods, and even pick an appropriate mate, yes you read that right.

I also use essential oils and vinegar in my laundry soap. Supporting good skin health and again not damaging my sinuses. I fill a mason jar of white vinegar and 15-20 drops of my favorite essential oils. Works wonderfully! For anti-static/fabric softener you can use 1 cup of baking soda, 3 cups of Epsom salt, and 40 drops of essential oils. These are simple things you can do and are cheap and reduce your toxic load.

For home fragrance, I use a defuser and sometimes I boil fruit and cinnamon, during the holidays this is the best. You can also even do a spray bottle with vinegar and 15-20 drops of your favorite blend of essential oils. You can be creative and make a ton of different smells and have a supply to last a while for cheap. You also cut down on garbage waste if you use a glass container you can keep reusing it.

Soaps I use Apple Cider Vinegar to wash my body. I take a glass container of it and store it in my shower. I keep an organic cotton cloth and get the cloth wet and pour in some ACV then scrub my body down with it. It seems powerful when your washing but it helps support my skin and I have not had anyone complain I stink. This is especially great for those who have issues with infections, fungus, or UTIs. All the perfumes are destroying your healthy bacteria and creating an environment for bad bacteria to take over.

Using glass containers versus using plastic can reduce toxins. Plastics have a lot of chemicals and are estrogen-promoting. Using storage containers for food that are glass and cook wear that is stainless steel are a few ways to take away everyday toxicity. Reusable stainless steel cups and shakers rather than plastic.

Toxins from all of these things build in our body often times stored in our fat cells. We can spend the rest of our lives trying to flush them. This is on top of foods that are sprayed with toxicity, or grown in soils that have been sprayed with toxicity. This is why you buy as much organic as possible. Check on the dirty dozen to find the plants that carry the most toxins if they are not organic. These are the ways you can help your children, grandchildren, and yourself be healthier. Start with one and slowly change the others. Educate the rest of the people in your home as to why you are doing it so they understand why it is important.

Starting now to remove will with time improve your overall health, not just for you but those around you that you live with. You reduce the load on the body which benefits your health. Need specifics for how to help your body reduce toxins. Set up an appointment or do a health survey. You can just click the links below.


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