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Milk, difference in pasteurized and raw.

I tell many of my patients to drink raw milk, and most respond with isn't dairy bad? or I can not tolerate milk. To which I respond raw milk and the processed milk you buy at the store are very different. In most states, you have to go straight to a farmer to get it which makes it a little more work to buy it. Many states make it illegal to buy it at the store, Which also makes many feel that must mean it is bad for you.

Many fear raw milk due to the bacteria in it that they fear will make them sick. To which again I respond if you are getting sick on it, it is more than likely due to your gut/digestion is bad. Your stomach is meant to get highly acidic killing bad bacteria and pathogens helping to predigest your food. Yet most foods we eat alkalize the stomach and stop our digestion from working properly. This may be the first step you need to deal with so you can digest food properly on your journey to getting healthy.

You're right that milk you get from the store is pasteurized some are even ultra-pasteurized killing bacteria which means bacteria have been killed off but you are also killing the good bacteria and parts of the milk itself. When you pasteurize the milk you lose vitamin B, C, D, and A. Most milk you are getting from off the shelf at the store, and not a farmer, they have put synthetic supplements of D and A back into the milk. Pasteurization also removes all the enzymes in milk, these are necessary for digestion and assimilation, it also makes the proteins less available. Which is a huge part of why people struggle to digest milk.

I find most who do raw versus the pasteurized milk do not have the lactose issue due to the enzymes being active in raw milk versus the pasteurized milk in which they are removed. "Most people are not overtly lactose intolerant but are better described as pasteurization intolerant, something for which medical science may not have an appropriate test” stated Mark McAfee, chairman of the board at the Raw Milk Institute,

Raw milk is one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can get. In December 2013, the Raw Milk Institute responded to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ position against raw milk consumption by citing multiple peer-reviewed studies and internationally published research showing numerous benefits for raw milk. The scientifically confirmed benefits include protection against asthma, allergies, and eczema and improved weight gain in infants.

This is just one more step in the process of "Eating healthy" that many are missing. When eating food you want it to not be overly processed you want it to be full of life so that it can help you to be full of life. Overcooking, toxin-loaded, and a lack of freshness are often where the culprit is someone to be sick or having indigestion. When you are noticing a food is making you sick, you should check your digestion and then check the quality of what you are buying. We are in such a push of convenience we are risking our own health for it. We also lack knowledge of what is good and what is bad for us. We have government and health officials going on misinformation and also not looking at the processes of how the food is created. We have to look at all the facts! With milk getting it from a farmer who has grass-fed cows and it is in the raw state without it being pasteurized or ultra-pasteurized has great benefits for us.

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