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Life of Higher vibration

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Everything we surround ourselves with is vibrational. From the people, we live with to the foods we eat, the environment we surround ourselves with. If you look at motivational speakers and how they live they are doing constant work in their lives for a higher vibration so that it is what they send out to the world.

We live in a world of toxic things surrounding us. We are sucked into social media that is telling us what we need to be. We watch the news that is pushing us to fight with each other. We are living in alternative realities to escape dealing with what is in front of us.

I urge you to look at your routines and find ways to live at a high vibration. We need to wake up with an energy of excitement and hope. If you find yourself hating to go to work or do what you need in a day it is time to assess what you can control and take it to a new level.

I have been urging people to put in foods that help them to do this. Foods that are organic, which means they are filled with minerals and good vitamins and not sprayed with toxicity or grown in it. Eat meats that are from farmers who are loving their animals and putting in great care for them. You do this by buying local and by buying free-range animal meat. Most will tell you that just fresh fruit is high vibration. I believe that buying quality free-range meats and cooking them properly is necessary for you to keep your health up as we need complete amino acids and the quality fats that are on these meats.

You want foods that are the least processed you can get it. Eat more raw nonprepackaged foods and more fresh market foods. Organic fermented foods, sprouted foods these foods have been predigested and cultured to have alive good probiotics in abundance to support good gut health. Many of our food have great nutrients to them, however, plants go through great lengths to keep you from being able to break them down or open up the nutrients. Plus we have guts that have been destroyed with devitalized foods from restaurants that do not take any pride in offering good quality foods. Sweets that have been processed only contain sugar. I am not saying you can't enjoy treats but love yourself enough to treat it to good nutrient healthy foods.

Think of the statement you are what you eat..... but think of it in terms of the energy it is putting out. Is it dead? Is it filled with junk? Does it have any goodness to offer you besides flavor?

There is so much more to be had from food than just flavor and there are wonderful flavorful foods that are healthy. Many of us can not appreciate the goodness due to overstimulated taste buds with fake food. These fake foods leave you tired, depleted, and sick. I challenge you all to add one new food this week to help increase your vibration to live life to the fullest.

I have been on this journey myself. I have been adding fermented foods and changing my state of mind. When I feel I need a treat I ask myself do I need a treat? Why do I need a treat? My life is good and giving myself a treat will actually go against all I teach.

The treat is the ability to nourish my body, to beat the odds of bad health that runs in my family. I am 45 and have had many health issues pop up, but I have dealt with them through food. I am not on any medicine and I work out 5 days a week.

My goal is to live at a higher vibration, this does not easily come to my family. I have struggled with many things. I am determined to live and help others live at a higher vibration. If you have mastered your diet with quality foods it is time to create an environment in your home and at work that supports your higher vibration.

If you want to learn more set up an appointment today and I can help guide you on this journey.

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