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My name is Carie L Cox BSc, the passionate founder of Utah Foundational Nutrition, nestled in the heart of Bluffdale, Utah. As a Nutritionist and family Herbalist with a Bachelor's in Nutrition Science, I've woven my love for fitness, fervor for health, and family-centric values into a unique approach to wellness.


I understand the struggles of feeling low on energy, battling bloating, enduring pain, and the frustration of medications that only make things worse. That's why I focus on the root of all health - the gut. My approach is distinct; I utilize comprehensive scans to examine your body, offering an unbiased glimpse into what's going on inside. This holistic perspective allows me to address your wellness concerns at their core.


If you're tired of quick fixes and ready for a transformative health journey, I invite you to take the first step. Schedule a session online or take a health survey with Utah Foundational Nutrition today. Together, we can embark on a path to sustainable health and vitality, tailored just for you and your family.

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What Patients Are Saying


He is back to his normal sweet self.  Also, he has been seizure-free for 24 hours now.  He has consistently been having 3-6 seizures during the day and 2 seizures each night for months.  He even slept through the night last night.  He never does that.

Diana R.

Carie has changed my life. When I first started seeing her, I was taking pills for heartburn twice a day, Ime down to one and we are working on getting me off completely. I was taking antihistamines and Sudafed daily. I'm off all of them. I was taking blood pressure meds. I'm off of those and my blood pressure is back to normal. I've lost weight and feel amazing!!! She has also helped my mental state helping me to reset my brain. Carie truly cares about people and I see it everyday!! She is so knowledgeable about everything that has to do with health and getting your organs working the way they are meant to work! I love, Love , love her!! If you havent seen her, I highly recommend you do ASAP!!

Tami A.

I honestly feel like these vitamins have saved me! I know MS is supposed to go dormant when you're pregnant, but through this whole process, I've realized how important healing your gut is and choosing things that support you instead of just junk filling your body.  I wanna make sure my gut doesn't take the beating during this pregnancy!
I've never felt better!  I also think that's what made this whoopsie happen because my body was taken care of and able to function.

Whitney Holtby

I just wanted to thank you for helping my husband. There is no way he would have made it to his procedures without taking antibiotics if you hadn’t helped with natural supplements. They found severe diverticulitis and a spastic colon that was causing so much pain. He’s now on an anti-spasm medication that’s helping and he wants to continue taking natural supplements to heal his gut lining. So thanks! Keep up the great work!

Brigget E.

"I love your energy, I love your knowledge, I love how clearly you see things."

D. Wade

I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia.  The pain initially started about 3 to 4 years ago.  I would get pains on the right side of my face that varied from small electric shocks to hot, searing, stabbing pain. I started having episodes daily.  Eventually, 3 to 5 times a day that was the hot searing stabbing pain.  I rated those an 8 or 9 on the pain scale. They were completely debilitating.  Since the change in diet and taking the supplements, I now have maybe one episode a week at most, ranking about a 3!!

Kelly E.

Supporting Your Success
Appointment Options


Supplements supporting you where your nutrition is lacking. Sickness and diseases often begin with toxicity and deficiency.  Whole food supplements are a great resource for helping to bring balance back to the body.  

Dr. Royal Lee, the founder of Standard Process, said “Whole foods are the best natural source of vitamins. The key to the highest quality is the manufacturing process.”   Standard Process grows its own products and uses Organic farming practices.

They are the top quality supplement company. 



It's a great way for those struggling to eat meat.  Plant-based foods unless combined properly will be incomplete and congest blood stream.  Protefood has 8 essential amino acids needed to complete incomplete proteins.  Helping to support blood flow, and ability to repair in the body.  

Works for those who struggle to digest fat.  If you are on a statin or had gallbladder removed this is important to have in your regimen.  This is for those who are bile deficient.  Fat is very important for brain health, hormones, and cell function.  



 Why Buy Standard Process? 

Many buy supplements going for the dosage amount. These are often high-dose synthetic and can send you on a yo-yo journey, fixing one problem that then starts another.  Whole foods feed the body not just pushing it to function.  All the supplements I use are due to being high quality and whole food as much as possible. 


STANDARD PROCESS IS WHOLE FOOD and grown in organic nutrient-rich soils.  Many include organ and glandular, giving the body the amino acids needed to rebuild. The plants are grown on an organic farm.   90% of OTHER supplements are synthetic, dead foods.

Low Calorie Salad

Achieve Your Health Goals with Health Survey

The Health Survey is the perfect starting point for taking charge of your health. It is a free tool I use to help educate and direct people.

Answer only the questions that apply to you and submit the form to receive customized nutritional support.  The protocol will include Standard Process supplements and whole foods you can add to your diet. Visit our online store to purchase the recommended supplements.

Raw Beef Steak


My YouTube Channel

Weekly I post YouTube videos to help clear up misinformation and dive deeper into nutritional education.    I want to help educate you and grow your knowledge of nutrition. 

I discuss other lifestyle factors that impact our nutrition health such as nervous system balance/stress, environment, and foods that negatively impact digestive health.  




mct oil.jpg



Mineral water is very important to hydration.  You need minerals in the water to drive it in.  If you only have purified water it will pull minerals from the body to drive water in.   I had recommended Topo Chico but found out it has PFAS (fluoride).  I took this down.  Fiji is my first recommendation, yet having it out of plastic in glass is important so Moutain Valley is my go-to now.   Fiji does do BPA-free bottles.  

Break down your fats!

 When it comes to fat loss it has a lot to do with fat metabolism.  Your body needs fat to lose fat.  This is currently the L-Carnitine supplement I take.  I now have Ortho Molecular products that I sell, you can email me with your orders, or you can do Bulk supplements L Carnitine.  Link below. 

Healthy fat to burn fat

Using a good MCT (Medium Chain Trygliceride) coconut oil, aka liquid coconut oil, is a great way to help flush the liver and metabolize fat.   It will give you energy, support flushing the liver, and flush your bowels.   You do want organic and you do want pure coconut oil.

Green Tea



Fueling energy and weight loss

Green Tea is a way to boost energy which helps the body to shed weight.  Another Factor to Green tea is that the EGCG's help with the balance of visceral fat.  Green tea can be a form of fluoride so you do not want to overdo it.  You also should make sure you have enough Iodine in your body to keep a healthy balance for the thyroid.  

You should also make sure it is quality, organically sourced.  You don't need to add a toxic load by inorganic. 

Natural Soap

Using all-natural products is a great way to reduce toxicity.    Nettle is also a great way to help pull toxins out of the skin.  

I would recommend this soap for people with high inflammation and bacteria imbalance.


Glutamine is an amino acid specific to gut health.  The body produces this amino acid, yet when we are sick of we are pushing the body to work hard.  It may not have enough to support gut health and rebuilding.  Glutamine supports brain fucntion, gut health, and over all repair and recovery in the body.  I take  1 serving in my drinks 2-3 times a day.  


Want the best quality life in a body you love? Let's get to know you better and make a plan of action.  Just submit your information and main concerns.


Thanks for submitting!

Image by Charlie Solorzano



I began my journey in the health and nutrition field over 10 years ago. It all started when I entered the world of competitive bodybuilding. Since then, I have taken my passion for health to a new level through my studies at Purdue Global Univerisity, where I graduated with Honors. I am currently working as a Clinical Nutritionist in the Holistic Health industry. I have learned how important it is to feed our bodies through whole-food interventions and I love sharing this empowering knowledge with others. It was why I founded Utah Foundational Nutrition over 5 years ago.


Sadly, I have found that so many health professionals focus only on treating symptoms rather than looking at the root cause of health issues. I stand out from the others because of my foundational approach to assessing the specific health and nutrition needs of my patients. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our bodies are unique so my programs are tailored to foundationally support your body and mental health through whole food supplements and diet protocols while educating you on these topics and their impact on your overall health.


I have a close interactive relationship with my patients. I will personally walk with you and guide you through your health journey. Please reach out if you, or someone you know, could benefit from my services.

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