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Pre-Pregnancy Prep

I wish when I was younger prior to having kids that someone would have guided me through a prep prior to pregnancy. Most of us feel as long as we are "healthy" we are good. Yet by today's standards what is "healthy"? I want to define healthy to those who want to know if they're healthy enough to be pregnant.

  1. Digestion that is working right, no bloating, gas, burping, and all that goes with it. If you are having constant indigestion your not getting good nutrients let alone a baby.

  2. Are you on birth control or any other medication that may be impacting hormone balance or imbalance? You need hormones to be functioning properly and nourished if not this will just become worse while pregnant. Take some time to feed your glands and make sure you are getting enough healthy fats. If you have crazy periods, severe acne, cyst, or an imbalance in estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, or any other hormone put in the work now. No that does not mean run out and get on hormones. The demand for hormones doubles while pregnant due to an increase in blood.

  3. Do you have bacteria, parasitical, or any other pathogen that has created problems for you during your life? Take the steps to clear this before becoming pregnant.

  4. Look also at your heavy metals, liver, and bowels. Make sure all are cleared and functioning properly.

If you suffer from health issues put in the work to build your body before trying to become pregnant. Also, this applies to your partner if they are having issues they make up part of this baby too. If they are not actively working on health and you are they can cause you to keep having issues. You share a biome and they can pass their issues to the baby also.

All the issues listed above are things you can nourish and support balance through nutrition. If we do not take the time to fix these issues we more than likely will pass them on to the baby. As a mother we dump our toxins into our children, this is just how mother nature works. Make sure you put in the work to manage your health to support you and your baby through pregnancy.

If you are thinking of getting pregnant and would like guidance, we can work through a cleanse with supporting amino acids for organ function. We can also look at what nutrition you want to add to the diet and even make a protocol. If you are already pregnant you can take the survey and we can look at how to support your body nutritionally, it is not a good idea to detox during pregnancy. However, you can support digestion and nutrition deficiencies.

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