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Do I need to supplement?

To supplement or not to supplement this is the question. Many feel that if you eat healthily enough, you do not need to supplement. Which I use to believe but any more we have to many toxic aspects that rob us of nutrients. Maybe, the true question is how toxic are you and the foods you eat? Do you buy organic? Do you have a "genetic" illness? Do you have digestive issues? These and many more questions will help you to know if you need to supplement and what to supplement. You need to have a good understanding of these things to decide if you need to supplement alongside your food.

Toxic food and environment have a huge impact on why you may be deficient in the first place. Plus, the fact the toxins damage your gut impacting absorption. The lack of nutrients in the foods you choose to eat will also impact if you need supplements.

If you choose to supplement and if you are not first and foremost dealing with your digestion, then you are throwing your money away. We can eat all the nutrient dense foods, organic foods, and take all the supplements, but if the breakdown and transport of these nutrients is not happening none of this even matters. FIX YOUR DIGESTION FIRST!

Another fact about supplements is not all supplements are created equal just like all foods are not created equal. 90% of supplements are synthetic, which can cause more harm than help. Many sell you ingredients that are dead, over-processed, and full of toxins due to how the herbs/plants or organs have been raised. If you want results, you cannot get quality results by buying the cheapest supplements on the market. With supplements you get what you pay for, you don't get top-of-the-line results buying your supplements from a discount store. You are more than likely to get GMO, Synthetic, filler supplements that you take in hopes of great results just to waste time and money. Your health is worth it buy the quality products that have been grown correctly and processed correctly.

We are often told by doctors that we need a certain level of something so we go buy the supplement with that specific dosage, to get that you have to have a synthetic product otherwise it will not be labeled with high dose. The body will not absorb 1000 mg just because it is labeled 1000 mg and due to it being synthetic it can use it better if it was just in a natural state. Some chemicals in the herbs and plants become unstable when they are pulled from the plant. Just like when you pick fruit it only has a certain amount of shelf life. How a company processes and stores the supplement can make a difference in what is in the bottle.

I also often see people paying money for a supplement they can't even convert due to needing organs to convert it and they have a known issue. It is usually why you have a deficiency in the first place. Having a congested liver but buying COQ10, fish oils, and flax. Thinking they are benefiting but all the while the liver can't convert it into something useful.

I would say most who live in this toxic world could benefit from supplementing. Just make sure you are picking the Gold Standard of supplements and understand what it is you really need. This is why it is also beneficial to have a guide someone who knows the facts and understands in what situation to take what supplements. If you need an expert to look at your current supplements and help to weed through the good and bad set up an appointment. This is another great reason to be a member, you have access to me, and I can guide you through eating the right foods and taking the right supplements, helping you weed through that information and getting what is right for you. The basic membership of $25 having access to me I can easily save you from buying $25 worth of supplements that do nothing or guide you through a problem of being sick.

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