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Brain-Gut Axis, and Bacteria.

The brain and gut are connected we have had a great amount of information and studies on this. The gut would be considered the small intestines which are where we do all our digestion or at least most of it. The bacteria in this chunk of the intestines is regulating how we break nutrition and whatever is put into the digestive system. How the bacteria convert the nutrients is what is put out into the bloodstream. This impacts all organs in the body.

"While the digestive tract and the brain feel far apart in your body, they are actually connected via a 24/7 direct line of biochemical communication, set up by special nerve cells and immune pathways. It’s called the gut-brain axis." The Gut Microbiome and Brain Health. ‘Multi-omics’ technology allows researchers to identify species in the human gut and analyze the bacterial genes and protein products that affect our brain health. - Memory and Brain Wellness Center (

The bacteria and brain-gut axis is a starting point to improve your brain health and protect your brain health. Bacteria can put out neurotoxins and flood the blood with toxicity. When our bacteria is out of balance it can create a vicious cycle of craving food to continue to feed the "bad" bacteria which then can create toxicity.

A team, led by Barbara Bendlin, PhD, and Frederico Rey, PhD, found that people with Alzheimer's have a lower diversity of bacteria, including and specific to Bifidobacterium. This also was found in microbes in the spinal fluid. The conclusion was that the microbiome was impacting the progression of the disease. They show diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkasions are impacted by genes as well.

Our genetics impact our overall health. You have to consider genetics, but I also believe you can influence these factors through your diet, such as epigenetics which can influence how genes are expressed. Foods can activate genes or shut genes down, and they can aggravate organs that are keeping the body clear or mutations and cleaning it up. 95% of your health is regulated by diet and lifestyle and 5% by genetics. This is a factor when it comes to bacteria, just don't be fooled into believing it is the only factor and a sealed fate.

When it comes to bacteria and gut adding in fermented foods, garlic, foods with glutamine, and amino acids can support a healthy gut and good bacteria. We want acidity along the walls and good probiotic bacteria. Always supporting acidity in the stomach rather than antiacids. Digestive enzymes if needed to support digestion.

If you need support for gut or brain health you can set up an appointment for a scan or even do a survey in which I can assess what is going on and supplements to support you.


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