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Autoimmune influencers

Most believe that autoimmune just happens. Nothing you can do about it nothing you can do to prevent it. The body in most, if not all, situations is trying to protect itself even when it is attacking itself. As I explained in the first blog on autoimmune that the organ is breaking down at a rapid rate. But what caused this to happen?

Let's discuss why the organ breaks down. All organs need to have specific nourishment amino acids, minerals, and specific vitamins. This is where digestion is a factor that has to be addressed, if we can't digest well our organs can not be getting properly nourished. We also have devitalized foods lacking specific nutrients mostly minerals and have an abundance of toxins.

The excess of sugars congesting the liver keeps us from breaking down fat, which keeps us from absorbing key fat-soluble vitamins. Taking all this into account we have more and more people who are malnourished. This is one influencing fact, causing autoimmune to be more common.

Next, we have the issue of toxins. We have 167 chemicals found in adults without it being a factor of employment exposure. All the beauty supplies, lotions, and soaps we put on our bodies have chemicals in them. We use chemicals to clean the clothes we eat and drink out of synthetic materials. Toxicity can rob us of cleansing minerals and vitamins we need. This is just another fact that can rob us of nutrients. Chemicals can also damage key organs and glands.

Injury physically to the organ can cause a breakdown. Head injury can cause nerves to break down, due to damage done on impact. A car accident can cause damage to organs for the same reason impact. With an injury, if there is a lack of nutrients to properly rebuild the organ will begin to break down. Surgery sometimes we have scar tissue that can build up on an organ impacting getting nutrients to the organ or blocking the flow of energy and function.

So as you can see just living life without putting in the effort to support the body nutritionally and remove toxins. You can easily cause a breakdown of organs. You can't stop injuries or accidents but you can control foods you intake and understand your deficiencies and how to nutritionally support them. If you need help applying this information please set up a scan or do a survey.

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